I am on a Journey of Discovery. An Odyssey around North America.

I’m out hiking, taking pictures, and drinking tea in beautiful places. I’m meeting fascinating people and looking for soul mates.

I’m trying to make this year the best of my life. And every year after.

I dare you to start a crusade in your life; to be your own self, at your very best, all the time.

About me (short version)

My name is Travis. I live in a van and clean myself with a wet handkerchief. I used to work in cat food factories doing engineering and leadership stuff. I lived simply and saved most of my income, and retired at age 34. Now I’m self-employed in the pursuit of leisure, and, I suppose, improving the world in some way. I’m currently traveling slowly around North America in a self-built campervan.

  • Big dreamer
  • Outdoorsman, adventurer, navigator, engineer, and completely unqualified mechanic
  • INTJ, Stoic, optimist
  • Photographer, builder, designer, tea drinker, bicyclist, gardener, smiler

About Ranger

VAN –  2000 Dodge Ram 2500 Cargo Van

DRIVETRAIN – 5.9 liter V8, lunchbox locker, all terriain tires

HOME – Self-built with full electrical system, bed, desk, fridge, and bike storage. Always stocked with chocolate and sardines