32 is supposedly the age where creativity and output peaks. So maybe it is fitting that a couple years ago, at age 32, I drafted three manifestos to capture some of my life strategies/plans. The first is a Vanlife Manifesto: goals and strategy for how I want to spend my time while living and traveling in the van.

The manifestos are:
1 – Vanlife Manifesto:  A nomadic phase. Includes primarily Vandwelling, but later likely living in Central or South America and/or Southeast Asia. This manifesto is below
2 – Slowlife Manifesto: A “Settled down” phase.  Buy or build a small home or cabin. Dive into hobbies like gardening/permaculture, construction, fishing, building social capital, etc.
3 – Life Purpose Manifesto: This one is difficult to draft and is currently quite vague





  • Explore and learn about the United States (including our history)
  • Study and enjoy “nature”
  • Find good locations to settle in later
  • Meet people with similar outlooks and interests
  • See how little space and few things I need to live well


Vanlife Manifesto. Written before buying and converting my van. Ideas and plans of how to live well in a van. A vandwelling projection.

VAN (home)

  • Big enough to be comfortable enough to feel like an option for permanent living. (this may require buying a high top van in the future or adding a  high top to mine)
  • Able to go/stay in a wide variety of places.
    • Get to many remote locations.
    • Blend in while in cities.
    • Not restricted from going to certain areas by van size or type (I don’t mean parking garages here, I mean parks/forests or parts of cities)
  • Reliable – not needing frequent repairs
  • Relatively fuel-efficient, if possible
  • Equipped to allow living remotely for at least one week
  • Space for carrying hobby equipment
  • Not so expensive that it causes me stress
  • Clean and organized inside – so that when things are in their place, I feel calm and without urges to clean or reorganize



  • Low amount. High usefulness/quality
  • Things that serve multiple functions
  • Not so expensive that loss would devastate me



(some are current, some are things I want to get into at some point)

  • Exploration
  • Sightseeing
  • Learning the history of areas
  • Learn about nature – plants, animals, earth, weather, survival
  • Photography (landscape, nature, wildlife, travel)
  • Fitness – running, strength, injury resistance, health
  • Hiking
  • Swimming / Snorkeling? / Surfing?
  • Bicycling
  • Animal watching/tracking
  • Fishing?
  • Hunting?
  • Pens and writing
  • Graphic design (on computer)
  • Drinking good tea
  • Writing/Blogging?
  • Reading


Vanlife Manifesto. Written before buying and converting my van. Ideas and plans of how to live well in a van. A vandwelling projection.


  • Stay in good shape – don’t let muscles atrophy
  • Eat mostly healthy – find ways to make this work and to make it easy
  • Spend a lot of time with friends and family (because I may not want to travel while I’m settled down later on)



For those of you dreaming of Vanlife, preparing for it, or currently living in your van, do you have a Vanlife Manifesto? If so, what does your have that mine doesn’t?

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 Famous Manifestos, and a short guide on How to write a manifesto.