Red Lodge, Montana is a small town northeast of Yellostone. It’s on the far side of Beartooth Pass. If you go to Yellowstone, you absolutely should drive up Beartooth Pass. And if you do that, Red Lodge is about a another 10 miles northeast, just down the pass. So you might as well go to Red Lodge too.  And if you like camping, you can do that just outside of Yellowstone, near Cooke City, or there are places to camp right by the southeast side of Beartooth pass. 

I found Red Lodge quite similar to West Yellowstone. Red Lodge has a much higher percentage of regular residents thank Jackson or West Yellowstone.

Red Lodge, Montana

There sure were a lot of old white dudes passing through on motorcycles.

Red Lodge, Montana

Red Lodge, Montana

So… where next? The factors impacting route decisions are:

– To get to Seattle around August 10

– Need to pick up some mail in West Yellowstone

– Don’t spend a lot more on gas than I really need to (I’m already buying gas much more quickly than would – in order to get from Denver to the PNW pretty quickly)

oh, fancy seeing you here

Red Lodge, Montana

Health Insurance:

I spent one day researching and buying health insurance. I’ll have no gap between then my previous employer-provided coverage ends this month, and my new coverage starts August 1. My income for this year is too high to get any subsidy. The cheapest plan on the exchange was $235/month. I bought one that is $277/month because it has better coverage out of network and after deductible is passed. There as only ONE plan with a nationwide network. It was a gold plan from Samford, whom I read has a practice of canceling the policies of people using mail forwarding addresses. I’m looking forward to January of next year when I will get a big subsidy – since my income will only be my investment returns (mostly dividends), the amount I convert from one type of IRA to the other, and maybe some income from a hobby or two. My health insurance cost should drop to below $100/month.