Joshua Tree

After leaving San Diego, I camped for a few days a the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park. It was wonderful to get out of the city again and slow down.

Joshua Tree

 These were really simple days. I didn’t do a whole lot and I don’t have much to say about it. I have some pictures to share though.

Joshua Tree

It’s super easy to camp right by the South entrance of Joshua Tree. I believe it’s BLM land. There are many camping spots. I imagine it may get busy there during other parts of the year. It smelled funny where I camped. Not exactly bad. Just weird. Maybe this was from Mesquite trees?

I swear there’s an oasis just through the middle and to the left



Joshua Tree
Gotta have a good hearty cowboy cuisine meal before a hike

I went for a hike on Christmas Eve Day, to Lost Palms Canyon. It is an oasis containing over 70 palm trees. Wow!  The hike was extra interesting because it had rained overnight. The trail followed some creek beds. In some, there was flowing water (usually about 1/2” deep). I wondered what kind of rain it takes to fill the whole width of those creeks. Probably a ton. I can’t imagine that happening often, but obviously it has at some point(s) in the past. 

Joshua Tree
Oasis! YESSSS!!!


Joshua Tree

Most of the action in Joshua Tree (hiking trails and such) seems to be in the north half of the park. The guy at the visitor station said this is because it gets hotter in the south half and they don’t want people dying out there in the summer.

There are much more interesting plants in Joshua tree than what I’ve seen in most desert areas. I didn’t see any full size Joshua trees. Just tiny little baby ones that were half dead. I  guess there are more in other parts of the park. The park consists of an area where two separate deserts meet each other. One on the south side of the park, and the other on the north.Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree

I went on a bike ride one day. The road into the park has a very nice gradual climb, but also an annoyingly rough surface.  It was so foggy I in certain spits that I turned back early. It was still a wonderful ride.

Next up, I’ll go camp near Ehrenberg with some people, and then on to the Rubber Tramps Rendezvous.


    Is the “oasis” the Salton Sea? I recall being able to see it from one of the hikes I did in Joshua Tree. If you’ve got some spare time, I recommend driving down Box Canyon to the Salton Sea. There are some interesting rock formation and the Sea itself is almost as absurd as a Salvador Dali painting.

    The oasis is the area with palm trees and grass that is pictured down below the black and white image where I first mention it.

    I could see the Salton sea while hiking. I’d forgotten about the Salton Sea or how close it was and I was confused seeing what looked like so much water. I didn’t think there’d be so much water out there, and was wondering if it could be an illusion from some kind of “heat rising” diffraction. Which would, I guess, be a mirage. But nope. Real lake 😀

    I haven’t been to the Salton Sea yet and I probably won’t be going back that direction for quite a while. I’ll try to remember about Box Canyon. Thanks Eric 🙂

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